Summer vacation with Cushman & Wakefield in Vietnam

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If in western countries, winter is the most wanted vacation of the year, in Vietnam, people wait for summer to go on a holiday and recharge together with family and friends. Thanks to the support of the company’s Trade Union, colleagues in Cushman & Wakefield of Vietnam this year got a two day trip to 2 resorts located in the either side of the country. On August 23rd, while Hanoi team chose Tam Dao - a mountainous district which is 2 hour drive from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh team headed for a beach city named Vung Tau, 120 km far from Ho Chi Minh City.

With the temperate climate, Tam Dao is an ideal place for people to escape from the city heat. The mountainous terrain does not allow team building activities. However, with the pristine and peaceful atmosphere, people can enjoy just to stroll around or sit down silently listening to guitar. Colder the air got, more fog curtained, more touching guitar sounded, easing everybody’s pressure and letting them completely relax.

On a different story, Vung Tau welcomed Ho Chi Minh crew with bright sun lights and typical tropical temperature. On a sandy beach, wearing white T shirt together, the team joined a game named “Color me run”. Passing 4 barrages successfully, a person will be colored with different color flour given at each barrage. The winner was not yet decided, still all people had fun crawling and screaming. At night, people gathered at a room and checked their luck on playing cards.

The trip was not only a great break in the humdrum of daily work but also renewed the friendship and closeness amongst the members, bringing in new energy in the team.