Cushman & Wakefield Soccer Tournament 2015
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The Cushman & Wakefield Soccer Tournament 2015 was organized within 4 weeks from October 14th to November 4th and successfully finished with the participations of Cushman & Wakefield, Unity, Union and ADP—long-time business partners of Cushman & Wakefield’s Project Management Team. This was the first-ever soccer tournament organized by Cushman & Wakefield Vietnam.

During the four-week tournament, the players satisfied its audience with thrilling matches, beautiful scores and their fair-play spirit in return for the enthusiasm of their supporters. More than ever, this tournament has truly brought the companies closer and tightened their relationships both in terms of business and real life.

The trophy was awarded to Union—the undefeatable team of the tournament. Unity was the first runner-up while Cushman & Wakefield & ADP were both commended with the second-runner-up awards.