Vietnam real estate market beat report Q3 2015

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Apartment for sales - Ho Chi Minh City
In the HCMC apartment for sale market, there was substantial new supply across all grades launched during the quarter - there were 4,600 units from 14 new projects and a further 4,000 units from 12 active projects. As of end Q3 2015, there are over 20,000 available units for sale across all grades in the primary market with more than 50% of this primary stock located in districts 2, 7, and Binh Thanh.The residential market continued to see consecutive increases in transaction volume in the quarter, registering an increase of 185% y-o-y. Price levels of all grades recorded an upward trend in q3 2015. Looking forward, apartments with small sizes will continue to be the most sought-after and future supply will largely be in strategic locations which offer easy access to the CBD such as districts 2, 4, 7 and binh thanh. Projects located along the first metro line are attracting more interest. The new housing law is expected to strengthen demand, especially for mid to high-end projects, but oversupply could be an issue in these segments in 2016 if new units continue to be launched. The city’s residential market is expected to remain strong in the short term, however.

Apartment for sales - Hanoi
In Hanoi apartment for sale market, Q3 2015 also witnessed positive market momentum with strong launch activities across all grades, especially grades B and C. Approximately 8,700 units from 23 projects were launched of which two were new grade B projects; the rest were from active grade B and C projects. The total primary supply in this quarter was more than 16,600 units.

Transaction volume rose a massive 263% y-o-y in q3 3015. Several grade B projects registered impressive sales rates including Times City phase II, Imperia Gardens and Goldmark City. Hoang mai district contributed the highest share of total sale volume this quarter, accounting for 30%. Price levels of all grades recorded a downward trend in q3 2015 as competition between schemes continues. 

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