Industrial & Supply Chain

The Industrial Location & Supply Chain practice provides clients with supply chain network modelling, location and site selection, facility master planning, facility due diligence, 3PL selection & transportation sourcing, and financial modelling & decision support services. Our approach avoids the pitfall of disconnecting supply chain operational and financial drivers from real estate implementation.

We partner with occupiers, investors, and developers that seek to align their industrial network and assets with business goals. You may be considering any of the following:

A new or relocating operation

Your company may be considering a new distribution centre, manufacturing plant, or research and development facility, or relocating an existing operation to a more favourable location.

Reducing operating costs

If the C-Suite has established cost reduction targets, we can help drive significant transportation, real estate, and labour cost savings.

Improving network efficiencies

Your network of operations may not be as efficient as possible, leading to high transportation costs, suboptimal throughput, or increased cycle times. We help identify and mitigate inefficiencies in your operational process.

Selecting a new third-party logistics provider (3PL)

Your company is considering replacing your current 3PL provider, or selecting a 3PL provider for a new operation.

Building a new facility

Your company is building a new manufacturing facility and wishes the design to optimise operations and reduce costs.

How We Can Help

Location and site selection

Cushman & Wakefield is an industry leader in identifying the most favourable location for new businesses, or relocating manufacturing and distribution operations. Analytical terrains include utilities cost and infrastructure, environmental risks, transportation costs and access, labour costs and availability, and real estate availability.

Workforce modelling

Applying our extensive understanding of manufacturing and distribution facilities, as well as your company’s particular job skill requirements, our team analyzes local workforces to ensure that your company will be able to scale and sustain new manufacturing or distribution operations. We can also help your company understand the tradeoffs between labour costs, labour availability, and other important site selection criteria.

Logistics network optimisation

Cushman & Wakefield Global Business Consulting services uses qualitative and quantitative criteria to help your company define a wide range of manufacturing and distribution facilities, thereby increasing efficiencies, reducing transportation costs, and improving service metrics.

3PL selection and advisory

Through our proprietary tools and partnerships, Cushman & Wakefield can help you select the best third-party logistics partner based on provider capacity, flexibility, technology, and cost.

Manufacturing facility design

Using Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing processes, we help design efficient facilities that both improve operations and reduce costs.

Adding Value – The Advantages Of Our Approach

Multi-disciplinary perspective

Global Business Consulting team members are drawn from management consulting, financial advisory, engineering, and systems management industries. Our approach relies on data and analysis across multiple disciplines, ensuring solutions that strengthen your particular operation.

An Integrated approach

Our services are often executed concurrently to optimise all outcomes, from design to implementation. We avoid the common mistake of disconnecting operational and financial drivers from real estate implementation.

Experience and Resources

Our Industrial Location and Supply Chain Solutions team has helped some of the world’s leading corporations solve their most complex and significant investment decisions. We rely on cutting edge desktop resources and our extensive experience sourcing primary data in the field.