Our Residential Services team leases, acquires/ disposes on behalf of clients and markets projects for both individuals and corporations. Our team allows companies and individuals to develop strategies for their residential requirements through comprehensive services platform offering corporate leasing, relocation, portfolio management, acquisition, investment advisory as well as marketing.

We go beyond the conventional ‘buy and sell’ to incorporate a wide range of value added services as part of our integrated residential services platform to provide to our clients best in class services, suited as per their specific requirements.

How We Can Help

Our Residential team operates in Hanoi and Hochiminh city to provide the best in class residential services our clients through a wide range of services suitable to individuals as well as companies:

Corporate leasing

Create and managing their housing strategy companies for their executives. The team understands the requirements to strategise on best combination of location, cost and property.

Relocation services

Create and execute special programme for corporate emissaries look at relocating to a new location either to India or within the country.

Purchase & investment

Assist individuals and corporate clients in purchase residential properties both for end –user need as well as investment purpose.

Project marketing

Assist developers in creating and implementation of effective marketing strategies including transaction management for sale of lease properties.

Experience and Resources

We have practical and in-depth experience in rent reviews, lease renewal, lease restructuring/re-gearing, asset disposition / acquisition and structured transaction management.